• Mental health partnership with Magelang, Indonesia

    Five leading mental health clinicians from The Prof. Soerojo Mental Hospital, Magelang, Indonesia undertook tailored learning placements at St. Vincent’s Mental Health, a founding member of Asia Australia Mental Health along with Asialink and The University of Melbourne’s Department of... Read more

  • Linking up through global friendships

    As a specialist in an industry full of specialists, the Consultation Liaison Mental Health professional will necessarily be social, but Prof. Dr. Soerojo Magelang Hospital’s Dr. Santi Yuliani has been networking globally for best practices in liaison mental health.  Through regular exchanges of ideas... Read more

  • Taking shelter in Indonesia

    When you think of Indonesia and mental health, perhaps what first comes to mind are images of people shackled to trees or locked in confined spaces.  But while stories of difficult conditions dominate newspapers headlines, it is the stories of successful recovery from mental ill-health and the efforts... Read more

  • Piloting new ways of working in Indonesia

    The Ministry of Social Affairs Indonesia is instigating new ways of working through the delivery of a pilot project in Sukabumi, West Java.  This unique project is connecting all levels of government, from village head, to sub-district, to district level across both Social Affairs and Health... Read more

  • Shifting minds in Indonesia

    In September 2013, Asia Australia Mental Health (AAMH) and its Australian partners, Mind, were asked by the Ministry of Social Affairs, Indonesia to provide a two-day training seminar to key mental health workers in Jakarta. Anthony Stratford, Senior Advisor Recovery from Mind Australia, and AAMH... Read more

  • Deepening ties with Indonesia in mental health

    The 21st century is the century of the cities and of urbanisation. For the first time in history, more people globally live in cities than in rural areas. While in developed countries urbanisation has mainly taken place in the second half of the 19th century, developing countries, such as Indonesia are... Read more

  • Indonesian NGO and government partnerships for mental health

    In May 2011, key members of the only Indonesian carer and consumer group, The Indonesian Mental Health Association (known as Perhimpunan Jiwa Sehat - PJS), visited Melbourne. Travelling with representatives from the Social Affairs Ministry, this group visited Clarendon Community Clinic, Footbridge... Read more