Inaugural Guangdong-Melbourne Community Mental Health Collaboration

September 14, 2010

The inaugural meeting of the Guangdong-Melbourne community mental health working committee was held from 6th – 8th September 2010 at the Jingdi hotel, Dameisha, Shenzhen.  

The Guangdong-Melbourne community mental health working committee was established to build close collaboration and ties between Guangdong and Melbourne in the area of community mental health.  

Over one hundred people attended the meeting and training sessions, with Presidents, Vice Presidents, and professionals in community prevention and control from 22 mental health hospitals across Guangdong province. Also in attendance were representatives from the Psychosis Prevention and Control Center of Beijing Chaoyang District and The Third Hospital of Beijing Chaoyang District.

Led by Asia Australia Mental Health, the training and workshops focused on a number of areas including mental health strategy and reform, leadership in community mental health, case management in China, mental health promotion and early intervention, and the transition of current mental health service models from hospital based care to one that is community focused.

During the three day meeting, AAMH visited the mental health service network of Xinhui District in Jiangmen, including the Xinhui Shadi Hospital, day rehabilitation centre, and the community service centre of Luohu District.

Both Guangdong and the Australian delegation discussed the issues, difficulties and challenges involved in delivering mental health services in Guangdong province, with a burgeoning population.

The meeting was very successful, with agreement that the next cooperation between Guangdong and Melbourne to focus on case management and early intervention.