The program of work focused on the development of protocols for psychosis treatment and management, as well as mental health human resources building. A range of in-depth training programs were held in Melbourne, Beijing, Hebei and Guangzhou, China.

At the final meeting of the CAHHF Project in Beijing in October 2012, the partnership between AAMH and Peking University was presented as one of only two exemplars out of 52 projects. The meeting was attended by Minister for Health Chen Zhu and Australian Ambassador to China, Frances Adamson.

Facilitating change in China

In 2009, the CAHH Facility developed a new form of partnership between Australia and China, working as a flexible funding mechanism. The purpose of the Facility was to support the improvement of China’s health systems.

The Facility was jointly overseen by China’s Ministry of Health, Australia’s Department of Health and Ageing, China’s Ministry of Commerce and the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID), which also funds the Facility.

The Facility used expertise from both Chinese and Australian health institutions to support the Chinese Government’s health reform priorities. The Facility acknowledges the mutual national interests of China and Australia. It is a new form of development partnership that is flexible and responsive.