Mental health responses to COVID-19

Mental Health and Behavioral Guidelines for Preparedness and Response to Coronavirus

The USA Center for the Study of Traumatic Stress is rapidly developing a range of resources that can be found here:


It is vital to keep in mind that effective public mental health measures will address numerous areas of potential distress, health risk behaviors, and psychiatric disease.


Areas of special attention include:

(1) the role of risk communication;

(2) the role of safety communication through public/private collaboration;

(3) psychological, emotional, and behavioural responses to public education, public health surveillance and early detection efforts;

(4) psychological responses to community containment strategies (quarantine, movement restrictions, school/work/other community closures);

(5) health care service surge and continuity; and

(6) responses to mass prophylaxis strategies using vaccines and antiviral medication.


Read more about the Mental Health Behavioral Guidelines Reponse to Coronavirus Outbreaks here: