Mental health partnership with Magelang, Indonesia

October 13, 2017

Five leading mental health clinicians from The Prof. Soerojo Mental Hospital, Magelang, Indonesia undertook tailored learning placements at St. Vincent’s Mental Health, a founding member of Asia Australia Mental Health along with Asialink and The University of Melbourne’s Department of Psychiatry

St. Vincent’s Mental Health has partnered with The Prof. Soerojo Hospital to assist in building a comprehensive responsive mental health service for the Magelang community.

A three year Collaboration Plan (2017 – 2020) has been developed that focuses on three key activities:

  1. Clinical education
  2. Management education
  3. Research collaboration and supervision


Barkah Sutiono, Asita Novitasari, Ermawati, Triyana and Heri Setiawan from the Prof. Soerojo Mental Hospital are visiting Melbourne this month to observe St. Vincent’s mental health services. Sub-specialities included Consultation and Liaison, Old Age Mental Health, Addiction Medicine and Acute Mental Health.

Through the Post-graduate Overseas Specialists Training Program at St. Vincent’s Mental Health, Fellows of the POST program have observer status at the hospitals and organisations participating in the Training Program, as well as participating in professional development and training workshops and seminars.

“Everyone we meet in the Victorian mental health services has been so welcoming and supportive. I love everyone’s energy and passion.  I also liked the opportunity to see so many different cases and stories in Australia that can support our work in Indonesia” (Dr. Santi Yuliani, CL Psychiatrist, Professor Dr. Soerojo Magelang Hospital)


Additionally, research activities are being fostered led by Dr. Anita Budijanto and Dr. Santi Yuliani.  These activities involve planning and designing collaborative research, linking clinicians to international research networks, and publishing in international journals.  The plans are to build evidence and understanding of experiences of mental health and wellbeing in Indonesian communities, and opportunities for providing accessible and affordable mental health care services.


MH Week launch Asita, Holly, Emma

Indonesian and Australian colleagues at the World Mental Health Day launch, St. Vincent’s Hospital