Mental health training for multidisciplinary teams in Hong Kong

February 18, 2009

The Hong Kong Hospital Authority commissioned AAMH to provide the 3 day workshop (12, 13 and 16 February, 2009) on multidisciplinary teams for 60 + medical, allied health and nursing staff from the seven different area clusters.

Ms Margaret Tay, Chief Manager (Integrated Care Programme), Hong Kong Hospital Authority Head Office introduced the training and outlined Hong Kong’s plans to move further towards community mental health service delivery.

The AAMH trainers, Ms Bridget Organ, Ms Anna Love and Ms Robyn Humphries delivered the intensive, interactive 3 day workshop which included sessions on Case Management, Individual Service Plans (ISP’s), Working with Families and Working in Partnership with Other Service Sectors.

The enthusiastic participants particularly enjoyed the role play and group discussion activities. During the training, projects were developed around multidisciplinary team-working within their local services. AAMH will be reviewing the progress of these projects in coming months.

Following the workshop for the HKHA, the AAMH trainers then delivered a similarly successful 3 day workshop (17th – 19th February 2009) on Case Management for staff at Castle Peak Hospital, Hong Kong.





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