Current Initiatives

The COVID-19 pandemic has led to an unprecedented uptake in telehealth across our region in both primary and specialist services and across urban as well as rural and remote settings. This has been driven by necessity in terms of the need for reduced face-to-face contact and supported by national and regional interventions.

In 2020, within global travel restrictions, the Postgraduate Overseas Specialist Training (POST) Program has engaged in a number of initiatives to explore this opportunity to facilitate peer exchange, remote training of clinicians, as well as mentoring and Communities of Practice.


Email us POST.program @ for further details and to register in advance for these course.

17 September 2020

Pacific Regional Online Forum Thursday Lunchtimes1pm Suva  (60 mins)

Check your regional time zones: 2pm Tonga, Samoa, 1pm Marshall Islands, 12 noon FSM, Solomon Islands, and 11am Port Moresby, Melbourne, Sydney

Thursdays September- November 2020  1pm Suva.  Range of topics and practice examples- all requests will be considered.

All mental health workers are invited to participate via zoom,  register in advance via this link: yvqzkiGtza0e6zs5NDktW33f3Azo92

This week’s topic: Communication and Counselling Skills
Practical Tips you can use tomorrow.  Presenter: Tim Brewster, Service Manager, Outer East Continuing Care Teams, Eastern Health, Australia.


Veilomani flyer png

Veilomani Training: Online course for responding to Gender Based Violence for Pacific Health Workers to improve health care for families experiencing violence during COVID-19.

Free of charge for all workers based in Pacific Island countries.

The weekly lunchtime sessions will start on Wednesday 16 September.  These will be 1 hour on Wednesdays from 1pm Suva time (11am PNG, 12 Solomon Islands, 1pm Marshall Islands, 2pm Samoa, Tonga)

Email us POST.program @ for further details and to register in advance for this course.