The Asia Pacific Community Mental Health Development Project (APCMHDP) umbrellas high level networks of expertise and excellence in mental health service, area specialisation and research from across the Asia Pacific region.

Established in 2005, a joint initiative of WHO’s Western Pacific Regional office, the APCMHD project provides a platform for government, peak body, research institute and service provider leaders to share experiences and local approaches, build capacity and inspire best practice.

The network’s focus on building trust through investing in long term relationships has produced a forum for  open and honest discussion and an open and inclusive environment to freely test models and ideas.

The project “offers the sharing of: evidence, confidence, consumer and carer experience, lessons in engaging with the media, joint training materials and events, and anti-stigma initiatives. It is a type of stock exchange in which mental health plans, implementation and operational policies are traded, to inspire all those supported by the network, to show that we are all in this together.” Prof. Graham Thornicroft, Institute of Psychiatry, King’s College London, WHO Collaborating Centre.

The network’s structure is flexible, purposed to respond to the changing needs of participants over time and evolving shared issues and trends.

The network has grown in phases, focusing on;

2005-2008: Models of Community Mental Health

2009-2011: Partnerships in Community Mental Health

2012-present: The project has developed sub-networks comprising:

  • Art and mental health;
  • Sub-Mekong Research network (ASPIRE);
  • Disaster mental health
  • Mental Health promotion