AAMH has worked with partners in Malaysia to generate a common vision on mental health reform and its implementation among government officials in Malaysia.  Senior Malaysian stakeholders have also experienced Australia’s community mental health system, while creating opportunities for sharing experiences, identifying challenges and developing longer term collaboration and partnerships.

Key partners

  • Ministry of Health, Malaysia

Malaysian programs

AAMH and Malaysia have collaborated on a variety of projects since 2005, including;

  • Hosted senior delegations of mental health policy makers from Malaysia.
  • Malaysian mental health clinicians have received practical training through the POST program.
  • AAMH has co-delivered training workshops in Malaysia specifically designed to build the capacity of mental health professionals in community mental health care.
  • Malaysia is an active participant in the Asia-Pacific Community Mental Health Development Project (APCMHDP). Senior leaders attended conferences held in Melbourne, New Delhi, Bali, and Beijing
  • Published key examples of Malaysian community mental health in the APCMHDP publications.

Mental health profile of Malaysia

Learn about Malaysia’s mental health profile, available through the WHO Atlas Country Profile.