AAMH Research

AAMH regularly publishes in respected peer-reviewed journals across the Asia Pacific region. AAMH also produces leading reports and thought-pieces for regional bodies such as WPA, CHOGM, and APEC.

2023 Pacific Doctors and Burnout- ongoing research

This study aims to determine the prevalence, demographics and risk factors associated with burnout amongst PIC doctors since COVID-19.

The immediate benefits of this study will the establishment of baseline/foundation knowledge of the prevalence, risk and sociodemographic factors associated with burnout amongst Pacific doctors since the onset of COVID-19, the role of COVID-19 in physician burnout, as well as identifying relevant interventions that are feasible and appropriate for the Pacific setting. In the long-term, this information may be valuable to inform workplace policy to minimize burnout and to optimize working conditions and well-being of doctors

Asia Pacific International Research and Education Network (ASPIRE)

Established in 2013, the ASPIRE network aims to build capacity for mental health services research in the Sub-Mekong.

2021 Ophelia Training- ongoing research

This study is to describe the experiences of the participants and presenters in the Ophelia 2021 Training, by exploring the information collected during the training.

The Ophelia 2021 Training is a series of telehealth sessions facilitated by the Fiji National University, College of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences, St. Vincent’s Melbourne, and the Royal Australia and NZ College of Psychiatrists (RANZCP) Faculty of Child and Adolescent Psychiatrists.