Singapore’s vision of Mental Wellness for All

July 1, 2016

As a key agency supporting people with a mental illness in Singapore, SAMH (Singapore Association of Mental Health) has first-hand experience of transforming mental health services delivery systems with genuine community engagement.  It is their vision of “mental wellness for all” that drives them to pursue ideas across country borders and explore recovery based services in Australia.

Recently St. Vincent’s Mental Health team met with SAMH Executive Director Tan Li Li, Creative Services Head Jane Goh, and key Creative Hub team members Deborah Chen, Valentina Any and Ong Chui Ngoh.  The group visited Melbourne for consultations with leading provider of community mental health services Mind Australia, and took the opportunity to drop by St. Vincent’s acute service and community clinic.

St. Vincent’s staff appreciated the opportunity to meet with SAMH representatives, especially with such a focus on creativity and recovery.  Areas of shared interest were identifying global trends and efficacy in supporting people in recovery from mental illness, and appreciating the work still needed for addressing the impacts stigma has on the lives of people affected by mental illness.

This visit has highlighted the value of sharing our stories with colleagues and the potential for support we can offer each other by virtue of relevant experience.  By reflecting and analysing our approaches, we improve our understanding of the key concepts of culturally responsive recovery and vitally improve our ability to make informed and skilled contributions to our organisations and the communities we serve.

Photo: Singapore Association of Mental Health and St. Vincent’s Mental Health team

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