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Sub-Mekong research partnerships – opportunities to innovate

December 15, 2013

Key mental health partners in the Sub-Mekong region have joined together to establish a Sub-Mekong Region Mental Health Research Training Program.

With a shared purpose of developing a regional network to advance research training efforts, much work has been done on establishing a structure and framework for research activities which will foster integration with translational science and interdisciplinary research.

Partners include the Ministries of Health of Cambodia, Lao PDR, and Vietnam, the Western Pacific Regional Office (WPRO) of the World Health Organization, Department of Psychiatry of the University of Rochester Medical Center, the University of Melbourne and the University of Oslo.

The program aims to recruit and train talented future leaders to participate in interdisciplinary research, and to develop and conduct research pertaining to mental health and related health challenges.  To ensure a wider audience, training will be held in the evaluation of recruiting, training, and research efforts.  Importantly, the participatory research training program will ensure open discussion, shared vision, joint ownership, collaborative problem solving, and assembling talents to address challenging issues of health and mental health in the region.