Demand for private mental health services in Asia is growing rapidly with an increasingly wealthy demographic willing to pay for top end services. Acknowledging that current public health services cannot meet growing demand and the need for increased investment by the private sector, policy changes have been made to encourage private and foreign investment in China’s health sector.

China’s leading mental health policy makers and practitioners have approached AAMH to partner with them on building new PPP models in mental health for China.

AAMH is working with Chinese and Australian partners to build to create a high value add mental health service for export to China in the first instance. The new service will provide our Chinese partners with culturally and context appropriate models for high end mental health service. The proposed model builds on AAMH’s unique experience, expertise and networks in Chinese national and provincial mental health systems and will partner with Australian top shelf mental health providers.

Supported by grant funding from DFAT’s Australia China Council, Professor Fujun Jia, Director Guangdong Mental Health Institute, visited Melbourne from 8-11 February to continue discussions on ways to grow private mental health services in his province as way to cater for growing demand.

This project is supported by the Australia-China Council


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