Acknowledging that current public health services cannot meet growing demand and the need for increased investment by the private sector, policy changes have been made to encourage private and foreign investment in China’s health sector.

In response, AAMH is working with long standing partners to build cutting edge mental health services to cater for these new and emerging markets.

In  Guangdong Province AAMH is the preferred partner for two new exciting projects .Both projects partner with leading mental health institutes from the province and are located in new growth corridors of the Province.

The first project will extend current offerings for a major southern to developing integrated community public mental health services that includes building capacity for a new 800-bed hospital.  The second will partner with healthcare providers to provide technical expertise, education and training, and research capacity a new outpatient day program and mental health and wellbeing centre.


Shenzhen Photo_resize

Professor Ian Everall on site of new planned mental health facility in Guangdong

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