November saw the last flurry of activity for 2015 with AAMH’s POST program, as a workplace based training, the crucial professional development opportunities look to align carefully alongside the priorities of clinical work.

Our last Fellows, a group of nurses from Hong Kong’s Pamela Youde Eastern Nethersole Hospital came from both inpatient and community teams this November, a strong investment by their workplace in the valuable exchange of information and experience.

For each Fellow, a program was developed by the team at St. Vincent’s, Department of Psychiatry, University of Melbourne and NorthWestern Mental Health; tailored for individual learning objectives.  One group chose to focus on strategies for enhancing patient quality and safety in an acute setting, whilst another group chose to focus on improving understanding of the Recovery-oriented care and workforce development in recovery principles.  The program included time with clinical services as well as with partner organisations such as MIND and MI Fellowship.

The program involved time with a wide range of multidisciplinary staff, providing information and access to the models of care used in Victoria.  This philosophy of peer exchange amongst mental health professionals was reflected in the end of program feedback received, with high ratings for the overall program.  The international POST fellows highly rated the relevancy of the program, with a high appreciation of the people they had met.  One fellow wrote that she was keen to share with her colleagues on return to her work place, and the experiences from the POST program would be able to “enhance their understanding in the recovery oriented care and changes their attitude in providing nursing care from traditional problem oriented approach”

The program for 2015 is now competed and the last morsels of cakes and information have been shared together.  It has been a good year for working together with our international colleagues, reflecting on various job-related issues, sharing different point of views, discovering and accepting other ways of seeing things and many other positive aspects.  We look forward to hearing more about the various changes in our region, and of course, meeting new friends in 2016.

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