The partnership has led to meaningful bilateral training programs, delegation visits, short and long term placements for Hong Kong mental health professionals, and a significant trilateral training program with partners in Beijing.

Key partners

  • Hong Kong Hospital Authority (HKHA)
  • Chinese University of Hong Kong

Hong Kong programs

AAMH and Hong Kong partners have collaborated on a variety of programs, such as:


  • Multi-professional Case Management Training Program.
  • Personalised Care Program for People with Severe Mental Illness – training program
  • Training and support in the development of community-oriented mental health service.
  • Key partners in the 686 tripartite training program, involving AAMH, The Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Institute of Mental Health Peking University.
  • Comprehensive review of Hong Kong’s mental health services
  • Hong Kong is an active participant in the Asia Pacific Community Mental Health Development Project (APCMHDP): Senior leaders have attended conferences held in New Delhi, Melbourne, Bali and Beijing.
  • Published key examples of Hong Kong community mental health models in the two APCMHDP publications.