Mental health responses to COVID-19

Calls for changes to attitudes, actions and approaches to mental health.

WHO will officially launch the World Mental Health Report 2022 online and invites all stakeholders to join on Friday 17 June, 2022, 2pm Central European Time.

The detailed work provides a blueprint for governments, academics, health professionals, civil society and others with an ambition to support the world in transforming mental health.

In the document, the benefits of change are outlined, showing that committing to mental health is an investment into a better life and future for all.  Investing in mental health means investing in strategies to: ensure access to effective, quality, affordable mental health care for all; tackle stigma, discrimination and abuse; and address underlying social and economic realities that shape people’s mental health.

The report reiterates that there is a core set of cost–effective interventions for priority mental health interventions that are feasible, affordable and appropriate.  Digital technologies can strengthen mental health systems by providing tools to inform and educate the public, train and support health care workers, deliver remote care, and enable self- help.

Importantly, the report focuses on people with lived experience, who are important agents of change in increasing awareness and acceptance of mental health conditions among the general public.  Community-based mental health care is more accessible and acceptable than institutional care, helps prevent human rights violations, and delivers better recovery outcomes for people with mental health conditions.

The Official Launch will be held on June 17.   14:00 – 15:30 Central European Time


If this time zone means you are not able to attend live, the launch will be later available as an online recording with the report.


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