• New Resources for policy engagement and influence

    Fostering sustainable policy change is a topic close to our hearts in the mental health sector.  This is why it is exciting to see the release of a new and online guide to understanding, engaging with and influencing policy. With funding from the Canadian Grand Challenges, and hosted by the Mental... Read more

  • Ageing and Mental Health: Addressing the Impact on Healthcare

    Health and development challenges in an ageing world were the focus for The Commonwealth Health Ministers’ Meeting in May 2015, Geneva. This annual meeting allows Commonwealth health leaders to meet and discuss global and Commonwealth issues, and to agree on collective policies and initiatives.... Read more

  • POST Welcomes Frances Ames Scholar

    Dr. Engelina Groenewald from Cape Town, South Africa joined the POST Program for the month of April to observe aged mental health and neuropsychiatry. Engelina is the most recent recipient of the Frances Ames Scholarship named after St Vincent’s Mental Health Chair of Psychiatry Prof David Castle’s... Read more

  • Mental Health Collaborations

    Dalian is the southernmost city in North Eastern China. With an estimated population of over 6 million people the seaport of Dalian is the second largest city in the Liaoning Province. Psychiatrist’s Dr. Wang Xiaoming and Dr. Zhang Liang from The Dalian 7th People’s Hospital joined the POST Program... Read more

  • Challenges in managing depression in Myanmar

    At the recent National Depression Symposium in Myanmar, AAMH had the opportunity to speak with Associate Professor Tin Oo, Head of Mental Health Department at the University of Medicine, Mandalay. Dr. Tin Oo gave the plenary address at the Symposium and presented extensive experience in research,... Read more

  • Responding to health priorities in Myanmar

    Experts from China, Australia and Myanmar have developed a short training program for health professionals, focusing on improving the health response to depression in Myanmar. The Global Burden of Disease  is an international study, which has increased understanding of a population’s true health... Read more

  • Tertiary Education Opportunities APPLY NOW

    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Department of Psychiatry This program is designed for students who plan to pursue a career in psychiatric research. It aims to provide students with the skills to work as scholars in their chosen domain of specialisation, such as but not limited to, biological... Read more

  • Focus on Women’s Health: IAWMH Congress hosted in Asia

    AAMH and partners were excited to be at the 6th World Congress on Women's Mental Health held in Tokyo this month, which was the first to be held in Asia from the growing International Association of Women’s Mental Health.  Established in 2001 to improve the mental health of women throughout the... Read more